I'm Jaclyn Simpson, a southern lady who loves to cook. I am a full time physical therapist who is always busy.  Cooking is one of my favorite ways to unwind from the day.  I just get into a zone with myself, the ingredients, and my kitchen.  This is my attempt at maybe making the idea of cooking at home a little easier for those who are busy bodies like me. I get my inspiration from looking up recipes, watching cooking shows, and from family.  My recipes are a concoction of different recipes that I mix together or tweak to put my own spin on it.  The purpose of this website is to share my concoctions and ideas for recipes with fellow lovers of food and cooking, and to make cooking at home a little less complicated.  I only post recipes I have cooked myself which are delicious and simple to make.  I will always give credit to the origin of my inspirations.  If I so happen to come up with any originals...I'll let you know that too.  Hope you enjoy my simple concoctions!

Pictures of me, my husband, and our dogs Zoe & Blue.